Research Interests

Organizational and Occupational Dynamics, Technology and Society, Worker Well-Being and Thriving, Future of Work


Making Out While Driving: Control, Coordination and its Consequences in the On-Demand Economy


My dissertation examines how the shift from employment to tasks and human to algorithmic managers effect the nature of control and the experience of work.  Drawing on an twenty-six month inductive field of the largest sector of the on-demand economy –  the ride-hailing industry where the entire work process is structured by algorithms managing tasks or rides –  this research first defines and describes algorithmic work, a set of job-related activities that are structured by algorithms, and then explores its lived experience. Drivers respond to algorithmic nudges with a corresponding set of work strategies, either acquiescing or deviating from suggested behavior. While these work strategies appear at odds, as drivers either follow or ignore algorithmic instructions, drivers employ each strategy as a form of outlier mitigation in order to avoid bad tasks/rides and maximize good tasks/rides and ensure a steady stream of work. This research demonstrates that, while algorithms may be seen as an impersonal and, at times, unforgiving taskmaster, the active management of outliers plays a central role in drivers’ successfully navigating algorithmic work. In sum, my work extends existing the managerial control literature by incorporating algorithms and suggests that the interplay between organizations, algorithms, and workers is a central strategic concern for organizations that employ algorithms and their workers.


Committee: Jerry Davis (Chair), Jane Dutton, Seth Carnahan (Strategy), Tawanna Dillahunt (Information Science), Beth Bechky (NYU, Stern)




 Manuscripts Under Review and Working Papers

  • Hafenbrack, A.* Cameron, L.*, Spreitzer, G., Noval, L.,  Zhang, C. & Shaffakat, S.. “Helping Others by Being in the Present Moment: Mindfulness and Prosocial Behavior at Work” Revise and Resubmit Requested at Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
    • *Shared First authorship
  •  Mayer, D., McCluney, C., Cameron, L., Nurmohamed, S. (Preparing for Submission). “Show me the money?: The Business vs. Ethical Case for Diversity in Corporations.” Targeted for submission to AMJ in June 2018
  •  Cameron, L. (Working Paper). “The Sound, Smells, and Tastes that Bind Us: Materiality in the Process of Organizational Identification in Diverse Communities”  Target: Organization Science


Research in Progress

  •  Cameron, L. (Dissertation, Writing). “Making Out While Driving: Control, Coordination, and its Consequences in Algorithmic Managed Work.”
  •  Cameron, L. & Meuris, J.* (Data Collection). “Within-Person Income Precarity and Well-Being”.
    • *Shared First Authorship.
  • Zhang, C., Wu, B., Cameron, L., Lee, J. (Idea Generation/Data Collection) “Work and Time Pressure Demands in On-Demand Work: A Field Experiment.”
  • Lee, J., Cameron, L., Spreitzer, G. (Data Collection). Optimal Distinctiveness and Interpersonal Affirmation.


Other Work